An audio adventure like no other

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A friend of mine created an audiobook from the ground up. I was fortunate enough to be part of the process. Here is what Black Star is all about:

Sebastian Blake is a stranded pilot who finds an ancient being dwelling in the depths of a desert moon. After narrowly escaping cosmic destruction, the hero is cast into a life of survival, friendship, mystery, and high stakes.

Why I think you should check it out

Black Star is an audiobook unlike anything you've heard before. Some audiobooks include a narrator reading text from a book; others have been made into dramatizations, with voice actors and the occasional sound effect or piece of music. Black Star is more...

Black Star is unique. It is a linear narrative that is not produced from published literature. Black Star was conceived from the start to be an audio adventure. Listen for yourself to experience environmental ambience from another world, distinct sounds of character actions, and an organic soundtrack combining a multitude of instrumentations composed by musicians. Close your eyes and be in the story, or listen on your next car ride. Hear the difference for yourself in this two-chapter preview.

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Pre-order / When to expect more

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Currently Black Star is being written and produced. The story, script, music and everything in between must be created in order. Voice-over sessions must be booked, dimensional sound maps have to be drawn, and even though this is an aural project, he uses and creates graphic art for reference and inspiration. All of that taken into account, Star Cadets, like yourself, can expect a full release in June 2018.

Until then, Black Star will benefit greatly from funding. So far this production has been made out of pocket. Currently the cast and crew are on a volunteer basis; however, the author would like to compensate them for their efforts. You can help do this by pre-ordering Black Star. The voice actors, sound designers, musicians and graphic artists are AMAZING and would do this for free. You can show them a little love for their passion by purchasing a pre-order of Black Star today!

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Disclaimer: Words For Weirdos does not receive any compensation from Black Star sales. All funds go directly to the Black Star creative team.