Director Selective Series: Sam Raimi Part 3 & Part 4

Hello, Weirdos. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to complete Part 2 as scheduled. To make up for lost time I will combine Part 3 & Part 4. Here are the movies for Parts 3 & 4 of the Director Selective Series: Sam Raimi:

I’ve seen all the Spider-Man movies. But the first 4 films are completely new to me. The first 3 in particular don’t seem like typical Sam Raimi movies. I’ll be looking forward to see how those compare.

Here is what I thought about the films from last week:

  • Evil Dead 2:  Some debate circles this movie about whether it is a sequel or a remake. I say sequel and here is why. From my understanding, Raimi wanted to do a sort of “last time on The Evil Dead ” at the beginning of this film to show audiences where things left off, but couldn’t get the rights to show clips of part 1. Instead of scrapping that idea, Raimi decided to show a slightly altered version of the first film’s events in the first 8 minutes of this one. Either way, this movie is great. It takes everything that’s good about part one and makes them better. It’s creepier, it’s wilder (headless, naked, chainsaw wielding girlfriend anyone?), and more realistic with the effects. 
  • Darkman: A part of me used to wonder why the director of The Evil Dead trilogy was given the Spider-Man trilogy. Then, 10 minutes into Darkman that became clear. Darkman definitely had a comic book feel to it, especially Batman . Danny Elfman’s score aids to that feel. Classic hero origin story—something tragic happens, hero seeks out the wrongdoers, and the villains pay. Darkman, however, is more of an antihero. Where most heros fight for justice, Darkman is only after revenge. Neeson is able to balance the calm and collected scientist, with the deranged masked vigilante seamlessly. Also, his makeup looks fantastic. It’s disgusting and realistic. This eras Harvy Dent. The plot is straight forward. No surprises there. There are scenes when Darkman becomes enraged. During these scenes there are rapid flashbacks which are horrific and lend themselves to Raimi’s signature campy style. 
  • Army of Darkness: I’d like to start by mentioning that I have this on Blu-ray (“Screwhead Edition”) and it looks amazing. Apparently Raimi has a knack for making the final installment of a trilogy…eccentric. There isn’t much horror present in this one. This movie is weird and hilarious. Full of slapstick that was present in his earlier work. Bruce Campbell is in top form here—spouting off great onelines, promoting S-Mart throughout (“Shop smart…”), and kicking ass in multiple roles. There are classic Evil Dead elements–the book, deadites, and camera chasing through the woods–and there are signature Raimi moves–flying along from a fixed perspective with an object, and a cameo by Ted Raimi. With a fun story, good acting and directing, and great effects Army of Darkness isn't the scariest of the franchise, but possibly the most well crafted of the series. 

How do you feel about the movies from Part 2? Are you familiar with the films from Parts 3 & 4? I'd love to hear other's thoughts. Also, I'm still on the prowl for the next director to select, and I would appreciate any suggestions. With the holiday coming up I will do my best to keep everything on schedule. That being said, keep an eye out for a new poem coming in the middle of the week. And Keep on Creepin'.