New Series - Director Selective Series

Hello, Weirdos. Thank you to everyone who followed along with Two Tone‘s 31 Terror Tales. We had a blast doing it, and hope you all did as well. Now that October is over, what’s next? A new series…

The Director Selective Series. Here’s how it’ll work. Each month a specific director will be chosen. Throughout the month I will watch that director’s filmography split up by week. At the end of each week I will write a bit about each film I watched for that week. 

Sam Raimi 1.jpg

First up is director Sam Raimi. He has 15 movies in his filmography, so that’ll be approximately 3 a week. This week will be:

If you have any suggestions on directors please send them my way. Feel free to join me. And keep a look out for more content coming every week on the main page and on the others. Keep on Creepin’.