Two Tone's 31 Terror Tales Part 2: Freddy's Revenge

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Hello, Weirdos. One week down. Here is what we thought of the movies:

Halloween III: Cool gore, but with its muddled plot and unlikeable characters, this Myers-free installment is saved by Carpenter's score and unsettling ending.
The Witch: A meticulously constructed slow burn, which deserves repeat viewing. Amazing acting, fantastic set and costume design, and gorgeous cinematography. A masterpiece.
The Creature From the Black LagoonA true Universal monster classic worth watching for the mesmerizing underwater sequences, and iconic creature design that went on to inspire the Guillermo Del Toror's of the world.
Wicker Man: If you can get the image of Nick Cage's meme-famous bee scene out of your head during the first half hour of this British classic, you are in for a tense anxiety inducing mystery. Intensity builds throughout with unsettling imagery and a horrifying ending that does not disappoint.
Frank3n5t31n: Bernard Rose manages to pull off a modern take on a classic story. A tragic and brutal tale that switches up the material enough to be surprising. Filled with gore, and subtle references to the novel, this feels like a love letter (although often flawed and melodramatic), to Shelley's original work.
Candyman: What starts as a potentially intriguing murder mystery rooted in urban legends quickly turns into a mess of overacting and confusing plot elements. Aside from a solidly creepy performance from Tony Todd, and a killer score, the plot of this film leads to something not particularly worthwhile. 
Waxwork II: This movie does not make much sense: no waxwork, and they travel through fiction, not time. That being said, this movie is a blast, outside of the hip-hop scored Medieval Times segment. Filled with fun sets and homages, this less creepy sequel is a solid resume entry for the make-up department. Oh, and Bruce Campbell...
Week 1 bonusesCult of ChuckyErnest Scared Stupid, and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

This week we got some classics, a remake, an anthology film, and a few others. Here are the picks for week 2:

8. White Zombie
9. The Blob (1988)
10. Creepshow
11. Altered States
12. Horror of Dracula
13. The Nightmare Before Christmas
14. Friday the 13th (1980)

Why not watch Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th? Because we're going to a screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas at a theater accompanied by a live orchestra. Let us know how you're trekking along. Keep on Creepin'.