Two Tone's 31 Terror Tales Part 4: The Dream Master

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Hello, Weirdos. Nearing the end, and I am looking forward to this week. We have a movie with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, a home invasion, a werewolf, a Tobe Hooper, and the return of a much anticipated TV show.

Here are the picks for week 4:

22. Last Shift
23. Them (2006)
24. The Howling
25. Salem's Lot
26. Hocus Pocus
27. Stranger Things (Season 2)
28. Night of the Demons

I won't be watching ALL of Stranger Things season 2 in one day, because I want to savor it, but I will watch the first few episodes.

 Week 3 Bonuses:The Evil Dead, A Ghost Story, The Babysitter, and Slasher.

Here is what we thought of the Week 3 movies:

Prom Night II: AP: While only a sequel to Prom Night in name, this ludicrous treasure is more like a continuation of Carrie.
AS: A surprisingly fun mash up of different, more popular horror movies, Prom Night 2 feels more like a sequel to Carrie with a tongue-in-cheek approach.

What We Do In The Shadows: AP: A comedy horror that takes vampire tropes, turns them on their heads and has an absolute blast doing so.
AS: A hilarious faux-documentary that takes playful jabs at all aspects of the vampire, What We Do In The Shadows is equal parts smart and goofy.

Dead Alive: AP: Although Peter Jackson is known for The Lord of the Rings, he should be known for directing this disgusting (in the best of ways) over-the-top take on zombies.
AS:  If you’re looking for over the top gore and some really effective gross out moments that are played for laughs, this movie is the one for you, and I loved it.

Big Bad Wolves: AP: With extremely dark humor and an intense story this movie kept me on the edge of my seat until the last frame.
AS:  This movie, which surprisingly isn’t about werewolves, is a sad look at the depravity of humanity. It’s effectively uncomfortable and sad, with some great performances from the three leads.

The Phantom Carriage: AP: Honestly, this was a difficult watch because the length combined with the lack of dialogue. That being said, the atmosphere was eerie and the effects were impressive for 1921.
AS: Technically this film is a masterpiece for the time it was made: with its special effects, narrative structure, and use of color. With all of that said, the movie is tough to get through if you’re not willing to sit and be patient with it.

The Battery: AP: Albiet I like to see indipendant movies come to fruition, this indie is light on zombies, light on development, and brings nothing new to the genre. 
AS: An impressive feat for a micro-budget film, The Battery throws you into a story with likeable, awkward characters, and tries to pull off the Walking Dead angle of zombie storytelling without the gore or flash

Night of the Creeps: AP: A genuine ‘80s rollick of campiness and absurdity.
AS: Another fun mashup of horror cliches and homages, Night of the Creeps tries to be a wacky 70s and 80s horror love letter, and lands a lot of time.

Tell us how it's going for you. Keep on Creepin'.