Two Tone's 31 Terror Tales Part 5: The Dream Child

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Hello, Weirdos. Here are the last three terror tales for the month. We're rounding out the end with Halloween staples. If you haven't seen these, you should.

Here are the picks for week 5:

29. Halloweentown
30. Trick 'r Treat
31. Halloween (1978)

Bonuses from Week 4: Raw, and The Voices.

Here is what we thought of the Week 4 movies:

Last Shift: AS: A claustrophobic film with a talented lead, this movie ramps up constantly with some intense horror set pieces, only to fizzle out a bit at the end.
AP: Although creepy in concept, this horror-by-the-numbers movie leads up to something, but does not deliver.

Them: AS: Tense from start to finish, this home invasion thriller offers believable performances and some truly horrifying moments.

AP: Aka Ils, this French home invasion film makes you feel unsettled and disturbed by what people are capable of doing.

The Howling: AS: The Wicker Man meets werewolves, The Howling takes the wacky secret cult town concept and adds impressively grotesque transformation effects.

AP: An enjoyable and classic werewolf tale, but feels like several stories mixed together without any of them fully fleshed out.

Salem's Lot: AS: If you can make it through this over-long King adaptation, Salem’s Lot offers a few genuinely creepy moments and a handful of fun vampire-flick homages.

AP: Another frightening film from Tobe Hooper. Salem's Lot has an eerie Nosferatu-esque lead villain and haunting children, but could do with some trimming down.

Hocus Pocus: AS: While Hocus Pocus isn’t winning any awards, it’s a fun and often hilarious Halloween classic for those of us who grew up with Disney Channel. And you can’t really beat Bette Midler’s over the top acting and performance of “I Put a Spell On You.”

AP: A Halloween-time must. With hangings, tons of virgin talk, and plenty of innuendo, it is fun for the whole family!

Stranger Things 2: AS: Stranger Things 2 looks to be an even eerier installment than the first, while maintaining the heartwarming moments we’ve all come to love from the talented young cast.

AP: I limited myself to 2 episodes, so it is difficult to say how part 2 is overall. Thus far things feel different in a good way—more mature. We get to see how characters are outside of everything being messed up, and the repercussions of what came before. 

Night of the Demons: AS: A big mess of overacting and strange ideas, Night of The Demons starts weird and stays weird, which only sometimes pays off with enjoyable moments of gore and prosthetics.

AP: This one is difficult to pin down. The characters are cheesy and overacted, and the first act is arid. However, there are gruesome effects and a nightmareish atmosphere that make the rest of this movie pleasurable.

There it is! Hope it was as fun for you as it was for us. Did you make it through all 31? Did you jump in here and there? Let us know down below. Happy Halloween! Keep on Creepin'.