Two Tone's 31 Terror Tales Part 3: Dream Warriors

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Hello, Weirdos. We are about half way through and Halloween is getting close. This week we have a sequel, some comedies, a splatter, and some oldies but goodies. 

Here are the picks for week 3:

15. Prom Night II
16. What We Do In The Shadows
17. Dead Alive
18. Big Bad Wolves
19. The Phantom Carriage
20. The Battery
21. Night of the Creeps

Most of these I haven't seen, so it should be a fun week.

Here is what we thought of the movies last week:

White Zombie: AP: Seeing Lugosi is always a treat. Zombie is entertaining to see the Haitian zombies before Romero took the genre in a different direction.
AS: While this my not stand the text of time as well as the classic Universal Monster movies do, an enjoyable over-the-top performance from Bela Lugosi makes White Zombie worth a watch.

The Blob:  AP: My favorite pick this week. This move surprised me, grossed me out, and was a ton of fun.
AS: Small town monster movies are almost always a good time, and this remake covers up most of its imperfections in a layer of goo and fantastic gore effects.

Creepshow:  AP: I wanted to like this more. The standout segment for me was Something to Tide You Over. Leslie Nielsen and Ted Danson are great.
AS: Fans of EC Comics and horror anthologies will enjoy this Romero/Stephen King mashup. While not all the stories stick their landings, the stylistic choices Romero makes add a fun aesthetic to the campy stories.

Altered States: AP: With some cool imagery, this movie deserves a second viewing to help figure out what the hell you just watched.
AS: This film takes big ideas and translates them into impressive and off the wall visual and audio experiences, bombards you, and then becomes eerily calm throughout the runtime.

Horror of Dracula: AP: Although a bit anticlimactic and light on Christopher Lee, this is a solid, straightforward adaptation of Stoker's novel.
AS: This is a straightforward telling of the Dracula story, and there's nothing wrong with that. Strong performances by Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Michael Gough bring new life to the tale, along with some fun special effects.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: AP: I've always loved stop-motion, and seeing this with an orchestra gave me a deeper appreciation for Elfman's music.
AS: A gorgeous classic worth seeing on the big screen with a full orchestra, this is an impressive feat of animation and musical composition.

Friday the 13th: AP: A classic cabin-in-the-woods teen slasher with a rare female antagonist. The mover of a franchise.
AS: Most will forgive the original's lack of character development and rather straightforward nature because it spawned a classic, hockey-masked maniac. The original does offer a fantastic score and a great performance by Betsy Palmer.

Week 2 bonuses: Final Destination, Final Destination 2, Happy Death Day, Blair Witch.

Let us know how you're doing, and Keep on Creepin'.