September Starve: The Results

Consume:Freddy:They Live.png

Hello, Weirdos. My September Starve is officially over! I did make two exceptions, as I mentioned I would, with IT and mother! but that is it. My goal, essentially, was to cleanse my Horror palate. To really get me jonesin’ for the next 31 days of terror. And boy did it. With new spooky movies and shows being released, and Netflix basically taunting me with suggestions, it was a difficult task. I live on this stuff. When I sit down to eat, or kill time, or decompress, it is usually the spookers that join me. To cut myself off completely for a month proved harder than expected. I may have had light withdrawals, and a bit of boredom from watching other stuff. Probably didn’t help that for the entire month I didn’t have internet access (but that’s a different story entirely). I was limited to my personal movie collection, which consists of mostly Horror movies. Overall it was an interesting experience, and I’ll probably attempt it again next year. Why put myself through it again? Because, as hoped, I am craving Horror, and even more excited for October than I normally am. If you’re wondering what I watched all month…a shit ton of SmallvilleOkay, Weirdos, that’s it. Keep an eye out for Two Tone's 31 Terror Tales coming real soon! Keep on Creepin’.