New Podcast and October Happenings

Hello, Weirdos. I have some great news. My producer Randy and I had such a blast talking about The Endless we decided to start a new podcast in the same vein. The podcast is titled Porcelain Peak and will consist of all things horror and science-fiction. We’re shooting for weekly episodes with the first being released on October 1st.

Episode 1 consists of a creepy story from H.P Lovecraft. We also give the first 7 movies we'll be tackling for our 31 Days of Halloween list. For the month of October each episode will consist of a discussion of what we watched and various other segments. 

Other episodes will cover movies, shows literature, games, and anything else regarding horror or science-fiction. You can expect readings, original work, andlysis & review, and a bunch more. 

Look out for episode one coming October 1st. In the mean time Keep on Creepin’ .