The Voiceless Amp

Hello Weirdos,

I've always wanted to write a children’s story. Over the years I’ve rotes around with a few ideas. One of my most beloved stories, as a child and a adult, is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. When tinkering with ideas for my own story, I wanted it to be in the same vein. Below is a first draft of a story I wrote. Eventually, once I get a final draft, I’d like have the story illustrated. Until then I would love some feedback—suggestions, constructive criticism, etc. Anyway, here’s the story, enjoy.


    Once there was a lonely amp who couldn’t speak. After years of silence, the amp met a guitar. The guitar plugged into the amp and they began to make music together. No matter what the guitar tried to play, the amp only spoke the saddest songs.

     Finally the guitar asked him,“what’s wrong, amp?”

     The amp, now able to speak through the guitar, said, “I’m sad because I’m in love.”

    The guitar strummed with excitement, “In love? But that’s a great thing. Why are you sad about that?”

     “Because,” the amp belted, “without you I don’t have a voice. For the years I’ve been in love with lemons, but I’ve never been able to tell them how I truly feel. How I think about and miss them more each day. I wish I could tell them how I loved the shape of their bodies, the texture of their skin against mine, the way they smell, their color, how they felt resting upon me, and how I felt with them just next to me. How I’ve loved them since I was a pocket amp in an old classroom…and still do. How if amps and lemons had souls, ours would be intertwined. How if amps and lemons were pages, ours would be bound into a tragic love story.”

     With another stroke of the strings the guitar told the amp, “let’s tell the lemons! I can give you a voice. The lemons need to know, amp. Then we can play happy songs together.”

     “We can’t,” the amp told the guitar, “I haven’t seen the lemons in years. I’m too old and dusty now. My mesh is tattered, my speaker worn, my cord frayed. Plus, last I heard the lemons were with spending time with apples now. I have nothing to offer the lemons.”

     Now the guitar understood why the amp always sounded so sad. For the rest of their friendship they played sad songs together hoping that maybe one day the lemons would hear...

That is all I have for now. Please let me know what you think. I know it needs work, but I wanted to get initial thoughts. Stay posted for further iterations. Keep on Creepin’.