Episode 7: Horror


On this special episode Randy Greer comes back to interview yours truly about horror. We discuss my early exposure to the genre, some of my favorites, and where we think it is headed.

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Episode 5: Jazz Guitar

During this week's episode guitarist and cartoonist Nick Martinez joins me to discuss jazz guitar. He tells about his familial ties to the instrument and how he began playing at an early age. Nick also mentions his learning process and his jam session with various artists. Durning the episode Nick performs a cover song he recently learned and his unique take on the podcast intro.

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Episode 4: Nintendo

On episode 4 I sit down with Carlos Cabrera to talk about his love for Nintendo. Carlos tells about his first experience with the video game conglomerate, which games he is into right now, and why he has become a self-proclaimed "fanboy" of this company.

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Episode 2: Photography.

On this episode I discuss photography with frequent collaborator Brittani Brasher. Brittani shares her start, her process, the different aspects of her passion and why she loves it.

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Episode 1: Butter Melting

In the first episode I sit down with my friend Randy to discuss his passion—sound design. He explains what it is, how he does it, and why it's his passion. We also discuss different aspects of sound, I give Randy and impromptu quiz, and he talks about his past and current projects. 

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