October Countdown Part 1 and Real Life Accounts

Episode 2 begins with a special guest—John Brasher! John comes to fill in for Randy while he’s away. On this episode we run down the movies mentioned in episode 1, with a slight variation, and we read some real life accounts.

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A slight disclaimer…with Randy away I crafted the episode. The quality is slightly different, but it’s a learning process for me. Hopefully I can get things back up to standard with the next episode.

They're Coming To Get You Barbara

Porcelain Peak Logo.jpg

Hello, Weirdos! Coming soon is an all new podcast. This one, like Passion Project will be presented by Words For Weirdos and produced by the Hyper Forge Alpha Network.

So, what’s it about?

Great question. Porcelain Peak will be about horror and science fiction. We’ll talk about movies, shows, literature, games, and anything else that falls into those categories. October will feature a 31 days of Halloween movie countdown, with different segments each week.