Noteworthy Collection Additions

Hello, Weirdos! I want to share with you a couple of my new pick ups this month…

On the left you’ll see the Universal Classic Monsters Complete 30 film collection on Blu-ray. As the cover indicates this features all the classic Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Invisible Man, Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Phantom of the Opera movies. Essentially, this collection is a box containing all the individual collections in one housing unit. The benefit of buying them this way opposed to individually is the box keeping them all together, and it come with a 40+ page booklet discussing different aspects of the films. Some of the collections do have crossovers, so although it reads, “30 film collection,” there are actually 37 films in this pack because of the repeats.

On the right is a limited edition Steelbook of Halloween III: Season of the Witch. This steelbook is a full wrap, so spreading open the box (as pictured) reveals one massive scene. If you look close enough there is even a guest appearance from The Shape himself. H3 was a pick up for fellow horror enthusiast, but I dug it so much that I picked one up for myself as well. Let me know what you think below, and if you have some special pieces in your collection feel free to share. Keep on Creepin’.