Victor (or the Victorian Durden)

I loved a woman in white, 
but she didn't belong to me. 
When my cousin killed her
I was the one left to grieve

Philosophers and scientists
flooded my mind.
Experiments began
for me to create life

Hands covered in dirt
searching for perfect pieces.
Shaking detached moss limbs
from dirt, or among fishes

With parts put together, 
inside of my apartment,
electricity came down
and started a monstrous heartbeat

He paced and I wallowed
—ashamed of what I created.
So I left and returned
to find the Demon vacated

It was then that I left
to visit my mournful father.
See, I was responsible
for the murder of my brother

Disaster and I met atop
a peak covered with ice.
He threatened me with death
if I failed to create him a wife

Rotten yellow flesh
I gathered once again.
Then destroyed the she-devil
—horrified with the idea of their kin

With my cousin in white
we were finally wed.
As I waited for Death
she was murdered in bed

I hunted the Creature,
desperate for vengeance .
Against him or myself?
I'm not sure there's a difference. 

Across a tundra on a sled
I was picked up by a ship.
I told the captain my tale.
I wasn’t too loose with my lips 

A lifetime I spent searching,
but I shouldn't have bothered.
For on my deathbed I realized:
I am the true monster.